Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my sketches

I am thankful to my art teacher who had set the base to what ever little knowledge i posses today and for encouraging students like me. It was in my school when i first started to tryout sketches, paitings and crafts. From thenon these have been my alltime favourite pastime activities. Here is a brief account of the sketching know-how and a few works of mine.

pencil sketching is an art in itself. One needs to think from the eyes of an artist to start with pencil sketches. These sketches are a unique blende of only two colors- black and white. To imbibe the real feel of an object wholly with two colours is no easy task, this is handled by the various intensities of the two colours used appropriately.

charcoal, chalk can also be used for setching. Graphite being a relatively new invention,hence the name pencil sketches has gained popularity. pencils are available base on varied thickness of graphite lead used.diffeerent pencils like 2B, 3B and so on are available.There are used to produce the shades of different intensities.

Sketching literally means a rough feel of the object. Sketches serve as a prelude for many other forms of painting.In case of oil paintings, these prelims are called oil sketches.
sketches are free hand curves and lines that assimilate into a great looking picture. Contrary to popular belief, artists often use erasers when drawing; the eraser may be used to remove rough construction lines, or to soften lines for visual effect. The most commonly used eraser for pencil drawing is thekneaded eraser, which has a soft, sticky surface that enables the artist to lift the graphite or charcoal from the drawing surface without smudging. White plastic erasers can cleanly erase line work, but tend to smudge heavy shading.

The sketchbooks of Leonardo da vinci and Edgar Degas are two examples of many done by famous artists which have become art objects in their own right, although many pages show more thoughtful studies rather than true sketches.


msvsarat said...

an awesome post on painting by a gud painter

Anonymous said...

gud insight of painting....keep going

phenom said...

work is the reflection of attitude.
the painting are superb typical of SSV

Vamsi said...

awesome sketches Kameswari !! :)and a very interesting post!

Vamsi said...

awesome sketches Kameswari !! :)
and a very interesting post !